Our brand is built on the belief that fashion should be well-made, expressive, innovative & attainable. We present Indian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

An everlasting symbol of commitment.


An interpreter of secrets

In the rough, a gemstone has yet to reveal its secrets: it might become a cascade of small gems or a single, perfectly cut stone. Our gemologists can spend months exploring the possibilities. When we have Identify gemstone characteristics, simulants and treatments – we work on how these gems can be brought to the marketplace. Recognize how quality, rarity and color affect value.

A search for hidden wonder

At Nirvana, we are committed to monitoring constantly the social and environmental impacts of its supply chain, in relation to the sourcing of Gemstones. Discovering the most brilliant gemstones demands constant travel to different parts of the world. Day after day, our representatives strive to uncover gemstones that equal or surpass the best stones ever unearthed.


Cutting & Polishing

An obsession with perfection

Gemstones are a gift of nature and are magical in themselves. However, their true potential is realized by man’s touch – the cutting & polishing which releases the internal fire of the stone and creates the mesmerizing scintillation which makes a gem so enticing to the human eye.  At Nirvana our highly skilled cutters & polishers turns a rare rough gemstone crystal into a work of art.


A vision of timeless beauty

Nurturing, calm and comfortable, our products fit your everyday outfits, accentuating them with subtle glimmer and confidence. Beyond the whims of fashion, our designs are known for their deceptive simplicity, their perfect balance and proportion, and their sensuous, feminine power.